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2006 March

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gratuitous title: triumphant return after over a year of silence
03.21.06 (11:16 am)   [edit]
My previous blogs make me feel like an idiot. I came back here because I got some email saying I had new messages on tBlog. Apparently it was no one important and just automated crap that psyched me out after my interest peaked. Dunno how much this place has expanded. I used to be in the top 50 blogs on here and stuff. I am a senior in high school right now and plan on studying philosophy ( for lack of any actual education for a job that will get bread )next year and still live at home. Right now in my life I am most excited for Spring Break. I have no plans or even hopes of going on vacation, or anywhere, but.... It is spring, the happiest, greenest, possibly most beautiful and refreshing of the seasons... I get a week off of going to school and worrying about learning things I don't care about ( physics ); this week also will let me stay up till whenever or go/do whatever I want because I don't have to worry about consequences... People need stuff to look forward to. If you think you're complete, all you have to look forward to is death. Today I hope to learn to apply Ohm's law to all sorts of mixed series and parallel circuits. I also don't expect that I will enough to care when I don't. I'de also like to eat something good for dinner and talk to a few friends or hang out. I was sick today, which I make a carear out of. The fact that I can often get good grades and always pass, shows to me that school is a waste of my time. Peace to all of you.